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party before the midterm elections but faces a battle from the gop over the economy and tax cuts. this as his approval ratings continue to sag, according to the latest cbs news poll. chilling final images and desperate 911 call from a connecticut home invasion trial as a woman, about to be murdered, begged for help. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. she is petrified. >> we'll tell you how the heart-breaking evidence brought some jurors to tears. and to the rescue, a state trooper pulls a mother's four children out of a minivan moments before it goes up in flames. they'll join us live in a studio for an exclusive interview this thursday morning, september for an exclusive interview this thursday morning, september 16th, 2010 captioning funded by cbs
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good morning to you. another beautiful day here. hope it is lovely where you are waking up this morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning, everybody. >> a lot to get to this morning. we'll take a look, too, in the broadcast at pope's visit to the uk, arriving there today, really a controversial visit for a number of reasons but also speaking out more about the alleged sex abuse within the catholic church, really making some of his most pointed comments saying the church failed to act decisively or quickly enough to deal with priests who rape and molest children that, understandably getting attention. one of the other stories we'll talk about this morning, the search for kyron horman, continues in the pacific northwest although the county where the search is centered, they spent more than a million dollars on this search and basically came out yesterday and said, we can't spend another dime on this. we just don't have the dough. we'll talk more about how that
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will proceed in just a little while. >> we want to get you a look at top headlines we are following for you this morning. jeff glor is standing by at the news desk and will join us with all those. good morning. >> good morning to you and everyone beginning with the pope's visit, the pope arrived in scotland the first ever state visit by a pope to the uk. our correspondent rich chart roth is in london with more. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. the last papal trip by john paul 28 years ago was a pastoral visit as an official state affair benedict's trip has more pomp and potentially more problems. greeted by the queen's husband, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh row and an honor guard, pope benedict began a state visit bound to be shadowed by controversy along with ceremony. one papal aide, a german cardinal had to drop off the
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entourage likening britain to a third world country referring to its ethnic mix. the vatican said the cardinal had suddenly gotten sick. his trip to britain which broke with the vatican years ago courts a range of issues from the visit's cost figured around $20 million to the cover-up of sex abuse among catholic clergyman. before arriving at queen's scottish pal lance, the pope told vatican reporters, the scandal had been a shock to him, a preversion in the priestly ministry, he called it. >> on behalf of the people of the united kingdom, i wish you a most fruitful and memorable visit. >> reporter: the queen is benedict's official host here but the welcome will be measured, in part, by the size of his crowds. some church officials this morning were already lowering expectations, saying seats were still unsold for several outdoor events.
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this is a country with a strong anti-clerical streak and a critical press. but, one leading paper's comment mere that benedict's entering the lion's den, may also reflect a flare for dramatic overstatement. jeff? >> richard roth in london this morning, thank you. >> the use of illegal drugs in this country has reached its highest level in near al decade. last year illegal drug use increased by 9% according to the government fueled bay sharp increase in marijuana ecstasy and methamphetamine use. marijuana remains the most commonly used drug in the country. almost 9% of the population said they used illegal drugs last year. on the other hand, cocaine use continues to decline. the mother of michael jackson filed suit now over her son's death. katherine jackson charged the concert promoter aeg live with failure to supervise the doctor in charge of her son's care. she also contends it failed to have life-saving equipment on hand, something she says jackson had asked for. there's violent weather this
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kansas a half dozen tornadoes hit south of wichita yesterday. it was a powerful hailstorm that did most of the damage, though. the hail and high winds broke windows and damaged rooftops. five minutes past the hour right now. back to erica. thanks. a look now at politics and problems facing. obama. the latest cbs news/"new york times" poll finds his approval rating now at 45%. with an election coming, se trying, of course, to turn that around. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plaent has the latest for us this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. his disapproval rating is a 47%, almost an even split. with congress back in session and things looking bleak for the democrats in november, the president went on the attack against senate republicans, who he blames for holding up things that could -- bills that could help the economy. >> we don't have time for any more games. i understand there's an election coming up. but, the american people didn't
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send us here to just think about our jobs. they sent us here to think about about theirs. >> reporter: the president has no bigger problem than the still sluggish economic outlook. in a recent poll, 51% disapprove of his handling of the economy. only 35% of americans think mr. obama has made progress fixing the economy. and 53% say he has no clear plan for creating jobs. but when it comes to who's at fault for the rotten economy there's a disconnect. 37% say the bush administration is most to blame. only 5% blame the obama administration. and dissatisfaction with the performance of both republicans and democrats now drives 54% of people to say the country needs a third political party. at the top of the president's agenda to help the economy, passing an extension of the bush-era tax cuts for the middle class. mr. obama came to the rose garden following a cabinet
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meeting and attacked republican leaders for not -- >> -- until they get an additional tax cut for the wealthiest 2% of americans. we simply can't afford that. >> reporter: of course, the white house is not deaf to poll results like these, in fact their own intern polling shows of the same thing. so, you can expect the president to continue the campaign-style rhetoric in the months leading up to the election, trying to connect his message to the public. erica? >> bill plaent at the white house this morning. thanks. joining us our political analyst john dickerson, unless washington this morning. good morning. really fascinating things to pull from the latest poll including the fact americans really believe congress isn't performing well with their elected job. the approval rating really dipping for members of congress, clearly americans are saying, lawmakers need to step up here. >> that's right, erica. i mean, the public does not like congress at all and one of the interesting findings in the poll
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was there used to be a view people would say they don't like the institution of congress but they like their local congressman or congresswoman. in our poll, it turns out that's not really so of the case anymore. >> they are also, bill touched on this, but 54% of the country saying this country needs a third political party. the republican party got a bit of a wake-up call after the primaries, most recently, of course, tuesday. but, in other ones before that, who right now is seen as the face of the republican party? >> well, the wake-up call is under -- is a matter of debate in the republican party right now. some people think it was a wonderful wake-up call for insurgents populace and others think it was a big problem electing people who can't win in the general election but under our poll a huge number say, 60%, there is no leader to the republican party and that means they can try to find someone, make them the leader of the party and they will choose of
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course the most unappealing character they can find. >> both sides have calls for concern heading into november. how will that translate, though, to likely voters? >> likely voters are angry about the economy, they want something done. they don't like either party and likely to want to throw the ones in power out and that hurts the democrats the most. >> in terms of the economy, it is interesting. the message from the democrats and obama administration has been this is all sort of coming over from the bush administration. 37% of those in the poll said -- that fault for the bad economy lays at the bush administration. 5% said it lays with the obama administration. does that mean this democratic message is getting through? >> no, it means there's a disconnect in the polls. people don't blame the obama administration and also, in our poll, believe the democrats have the better policies to deal with the economy and, also, they believe the democratic position on tax cuts. nevertheless, they want to throw out the people in power and the problem is there are just more democrats in power. >> certainly gives us a lot to talk about coming in november. great to have you here.
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thanks. harry? the latest on the trial of a connecticut man facing the possible death penalty for a home invasion that left three people dead. wednesday, prosecutors released video of one of the victims making a last desperate attempt to save her family's lives. our correspondent betty chen is at the court house in new haven, connecticut with the latest. betty, good morning. >> reporter: it was another gut-wrenching day in court yesterday and now this. the public is getting its first look at troubling images and chilling 911 calls in the trial of steven hayes, one of two men accused of murdering a mother and her children. these are the last images of jennifer hawke-petit it alive. this newly released bank surveillance video ticks off the final moments of a horrific crime. petit withdraws $15,000, nervously explaining to the teller she and her family are being held hostage and the money is for ransom. a bank manager called 911. >> we have a lady who is in our
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bank right now, who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. she is petrified. >> reporter: petit got the money and left the bank at 9:22. >> they told us they wouldn't hurt anybody if she got back there with the money. she believed them. >> reporter: at 9:26 police in unmarked cars to the petits' house. officers are told to block off the street but not to approach. almost 30 minutes later, at 9:54, a badly injured william petit manages to escape to a neighbor's house and a second 911 call is made. >> i got bill petit here, who's hurt, my neighbor. >> he's at your house? >> yes, he's right here. >> reporter: then suspects steven hayes and joshua komisarjevsky allegedly set the house o on fire and attempt to flee in their car. police tried to block the driveway causing the cars to collide.
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the officers approached with pistols drawn but the suspects race away only to crash moments later. police have been criticized for taking too long to act. >> i can't say giving any blame whatsoever to the policemen. it belongs exclusively to the two men. >> jurors were were also shown graphic pictures from inside the charred home including gruesome photos of the bodies. for the first time william petit broke down in tears and the jury was so upset, they were sent home early. >> i think the one that really upset the jurors most was michaela, though, because she's bound to her bed. she's got herself twisted up and she's trying to escape. a beautiful little girl, whose end was so very, very hor bible, unthinkably horrible. >> reporter: the two girls died of smoke inhalation. jennifer petit was raped, strangled. in the courtroom when jurors got a chance to look at those just horrific crime scene pictures.
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this we so emotional and so disturbing that jurors were, in fact, brought to tears. harry? >> betty nguyen in new haven, connecticut this morning, thank you. >> joining us our cbs news analyst jack ford. >> good to see you. >> five capital murder cases you have prosecuted in your history. people don't realize those crime scene photos, unlike any video, unlike any movie you would sebrings you absolutely to that scene and you know why those people broke down in tears. >> oftentimes, that's one of the difficult -- most difficult chores for a judge in a trial to deal with, the gruesome photographers, a test the judge has to follow, a balancing test, told to determine whether or not the probative value, what this adds to the case -- >> right. >> -- outweighs tprejudice dishsial impact they will have. often they will say, here's what we'll do, we are not going to contest the person died of a gunshot wound, for instance, to
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keep them out of the case. >> uh-huh. >> but here, because this is a death penalty case there are other elements, not just did it cause the death but if they did and guilty, do they get the death penalty? one of the factors is was this a particularly cruel and heinous murder, which would make them eligible for the death penalty. that's why the jury sees these. >> there sure is a preponderance of evidence in this case. luke at that videotape, the surveillance tape of the poor mother pleading to the bank teller saying i need this money. you've got to tell the police these people are in my home. my family is in danger. you know, i'm sitting there, if you are a jury, i don't know what could further sooemt this along with the 911 tape. >> it is interesting. we ask a lot of jurors and for the most part they give to us, it is sort of counterintuitive to say to jurors don't let your emotions interfere or in some way add to your decisions. well, of course, we always do that. if you are the prosecutor and judges tell them you have to decide this based on the fact not your emotions but if i'm the prosecutor in this case looking
7:15 am
for the death penalty and see my jurors breaking down in tears, i'm saying essentially, okay i'm getting to them at n a level i want to get to them. >> very quickly. any chance the defendant speaks in this case. >> that's a real interesting question. you might not see him testify in this part, the guilt phase unless he wants to make the argument it wasn't me the other guy was doing it. if they get to a death penalty say probably will say something to try to save his life. >> jack ford, thanks, as always. appreciate. wile shift gears here. beautiful in new york city. let's see what it looks like around the nation. dave price at our weather board. good morning. >> the ohio valley, all the violent weather rolling through sections of the central plains, pushes eastward today watch it. the orange places like western pennsylvania and in through that ohio valley, then into tonight and tomorrow, up through northern new england. so, just keep an eye on it, could see strong winds, heavy downpours, et cetera, et cetera. meanwhile, we are watching igor gaining strength once again.
7:16 am
now, tropical storm-force winds extending 275 miles, hurricane-force winds extending 70 miles. the path now almost for sure a direct hit, of course, anything can happen, but all the computer models except for one bringing it right over bermuda but interestingly enough this is now slowing so most likely we're talking about a sunday night into maybe even monday morning hit for the island of bermuda. if there is any good news here, it provides them the opportunity to prepare a bit more. this could be a category 2, category 3 storm but certainly a very, very treacherous situation for the folks there. our eyes are on
7:17 am
>> some showers in the northwest and southeast. much of the rest of country looks really, really, good west coast looks gorgeous right now. northern plains feel like fall. guys, that's your weather. >> thanks, dave. still ahead news about the search for kyron horman, the sheriff's office announce as major change in the investigation. can the search move ford. also, the latest on true drugs critics say could be harmful to your health. and a savior in uniform joined exclusively in studio by a mother of four and the state trooper who saved her children, pulling them from a van just before it exploded. you are watching "the early show" on cbs.
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a lot of people have paid attention to the story of kyron horman who disappeared in the pacific northwest. a lot of money has been spent on the investigation, too and in these economic times the county says we are not sure we have more for it. we'll have the latest. also we may not have enough money for this, more than a third of americans say, you know what, it is okay to walk away from your mortgage, your home. we'll take a look at why. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. requires a little magic from mom. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass.
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they have something to say. we'll find out. >> just what it is. >> what's on their mind in a while. coming up, how safe are diet drugs an fda advisory panel has to decide today whether to endorse a controversial new weight loss bill. some experts are concerned about its safety and others say it is all right. our dr. jennifer ashton will be along to explain the issues and concerns surrounding diet pills. also an unsettling statistic in august alone 339,000 u.s. homes hit with foreclosure, up 4%. according to a new study one in three people, actually more, say it's okay, acceptable for you to walk away from a mortgage. we'll ask our fox financial expert stuart varney what you should do for your home is under water or in danger of coming close to that. big changes in the search for kyron hormann missing now three months and for investigators in portland, oregon it has become the most
7:31 am
expensive investigation ever. as cbs news correspondent ben tracy reports, the sheriff says they can't keep going on like this. >> i do not want the term "scaling back" to be utilized in this process. we are not scaling back. >> reporter: but after spending more than a million dollars trying to find kyron hormann, the county sheriff is pulling all but two detectives and one technician off the case. instead, he wants outside law enforcement and the fbi to create an 8 to 10-person task force to continue a narrowed search for the boy. >> the commitment we have to the community has suffered because of what has been dedicated and how we've worked this investigation fluidly. and it's reached the point now that i've got to release these investigators back to their normal tasks. >> reporter: though they still aren't calling her a suspect, the investigation is reportedly focused on terri horman, his step-mother, the last to seat boy the morning he vanished
7:32 am
after being dropped off at school june 4th n. an interview last month, his parents pleaded with terri to tell what she knows. >> i want to her to know that -- that we're done waiting, that this is not a joke, this is kyron's life that we're talking about. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: last week his parents threw him a birthday party. he would have turned 8 friday. investigators insist this change in resources does not mean they are giving up on finding him. >> we have nothing to date that indicates he's not alive. so, we will continue to conduct this investigation as though he is. >> reporter: because the sheriff stressed this is still not a cold case. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. attorney general bruce mccain is a former captain with the multnomah county sheriff's office and joins us as he has many times in the past over the last three months. how are you doing this morning? >> fine, harry, thank you. >> let's talk about this a
7:33 am
little bit this notion of they basically say we don't have the money to continue this investigation the way we have. we would like to have this multi-force, this sort of combined effort to be able to go forward. what's the likelihood they'll get what they are asking for? >> well, what's strange about this, harry, they've already had a task force in place of many jurisdictions. the big issue, even though the sheriff says this is not being scaled back, the fact is, when you're the lead agency and you're now paring back to only 30% of a task force there is no other way to describe that than scaling back. the real problem here, he will try to shift up to 70% of the cost of this investigation to smaller cities and jurisdictions that have nothing to do with the kyron case jurisdictionally. it will be a tough sale so by fault it will be his case whether he likes it or not. >> yeah. there really is no suspect, per se, in this case. correct? >> that's absolutely correct, part of the frustration here. so, you've got a million
7:34 am
dollars, tax dollars spent already with no suspect, no person of interest. frankly, not even an identifiable crime, which continues to frustrate everyone. so, at that point, this is going to be a tough sell to some of these other jurisdictions to pick up the tab for this investigation. >> and the sheriff says this is not going to become a cold case or is not a cold case now. but, there's certainly, you know, if it looks like it, if it sounds like it, you have no crime, as you've just described, just in the immediate future and for the weeks and months to come, unless there's a body found, unless there's a crime scene, unless somebody comes forward, what happens here. >> harry, i think the person most conspicuous by his absence yesterday, the district attorney, actually driving this process. he was not part of this conference. in fact he told the media earlier this is not a slam dunk, nobody with a smoking gun. he is looking at this as a long-haul case and for district attorneys, of course, means potentially years. so, this actually could turn to a cold case without any break
7:35 am
coming up soon. >> wow. from all of your experience, having served in the sheriff's office, experience as an attorney, what would be a break in a case like this? i mean, this is unique on its own level. but, in these long-term cases, what usually has to happen for a break to transpire. >> it's going to be one of two things, harry, either somebody who actually knows what happened to kyron, not somebody calling a tip line and actually knows or what often happens in cases especially a case like oregon where you end up having a hiker or a hunter or somebody stumbling across physical evidence a year later. that's happened more than once in this state, given its geographical description here. >> a tough reality, tough reality out there. bruce mccain, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> appreciate expertise. really do. >> all right, harry. >> time fo
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discover our brand new side. explore all of yours and save 15% at sears. the latest news on the home front. rather disturbing news, a new report finds more than 95,000 u.s. homes were foreclosed on last month the most since the mortgage crisis began. meantime more than a third of people in this country tell a new poll it's okay to stop paying your mortgage and give up on your home, at least in some circumstances. here to look at all what this means fox business channel
7:40 am
anchor stuart varney. great to have you this morning in the studio. 36% of americans said it is okay to walk away. why are more people finding it okay to shirk the responsibility. >> the housing situation so bad it possess a moral and economic dilemma. you and i have always been taught you take out a loan you pay this thing, you don't want to be thrown out of the house. you have a moral obligation to pay. the situation is so bad for so many people they are ignoring the morality of it looking only at the economics of it and leaving without paying off the mortgage. for example, suppose you've got a $100,000 mortgage but the house you own is now only worth $80,000. you are in the hole to the tune of $20,000. you are paying into an asset which is going down in value. you are losing money. the opposite of what it's supposed to be. >> people say they are not going to pay into it but rather astute person patty in the studio said almost like when you buy a car as soon as you drive off the lot you know the value drops but
7:41 am
can't stop paying that car loan. >> right. but that's not been true historically of houses. throughout our history in america, you buy a house, you pay into it, you are going to get richer because the value of the house goes up. it is not a car that goes down in value. >> is there ever a situation where it makes sense for a homeowner to walk away? >> sure, if you can't afford it. if you just don't have the money. the underlying problem, america, surely, we've got a mass unemployment problem. and as you lose your job, you exhaust your benefits, you literally cannot pay that mortgage. so, you are almost forced to walk away but you pay a price. you can't just walk back into the mortgage market. you're excluded for a few years. >> there's also and we're seeing more of this as we noticed the numbers from august, foreclosure rates up, i believe, 4%, do you expect to see that trend continue? >> i would hate to see it stay as bad as it is or guess worse. you just mentioned that
7:42 am
statistic. 95,000 last month. now, that was bank repossessions. that's not a mere letter in the mail saying you are going to be foreclosed on, no a knock on the door and your furniture is in the street. i would hate to see it get worse than but, you know, it might, because there are so many foreclosures, so many homes for sale on the market that, prices are falling, which puts more people under water, so more poem walk away so the housing situation in the immediate future is not likely to get better. it might get worse. >> just give us an idea how long does it take to go from the point where you stop paying your mortgage, in general, to the points they are knocking on your door saying everything out, you are losing your house. >> depends on your state, depends on your lender, depends on your ability to negotiate but you could probably stay for a year, depending on the state. >> frightening scenario. >> look, it's ruin, that's what it is and your heart goes out to these people. >> really good to have you with us and good to have your
7:43 am
insight. >> thank you. >> just ahead, diet drugs, are they actually safe? an fda panel can't decide on one in particular. dr. jennifer ashton is here to navigate all of that and help you make the right choice. this is "the early show" on cbs. i'm adventurous and that just is who i am. for me, it's about the laughing and the joy of being in the moment. sporting events are exciting. you jump and cheer and shout. you can't ever repeat a playoff game. i use blueprint for my season tickets, so i will, in fact, have them paid off before i even go to the first game. with blueprint, i feel much more responsible in how i spend my money. with blueprint on her slate card, lisa designed a plan to save money on interest. does your credit card have blueprint? stay twice...
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in this morning's healthwatch our weight loss drugs safe and fda advisory panel votes today on a new diet drug and after a split vote yesterday on a pro pole to pull meridia off the market because of evidence it may increase hearts and strokes. here with the latest on all of this our dr. jennifer ashton. all right, first, can we talk about meridia, first? >> yeah. >> what do we know about that? because there is new information about it. >> first of all, harry, when you talk about a weight loss medication, the first rule in medicine always is do no harm. >> do no harm. >> exactly. so, especially with this population, the obese, the overweight, they are already a population at risk, as we know.
7:47 am
>> all kinds of stuff. >> for heart disease, stroke, and such. so, when you look at a drug like meridia, the question then becomes, risk versus benefit. >> right. >> and so a recent study published in the "new england journal of medicine" actually found patients who took the drug lost an average of 8.8 pounds, which is modest, to say the least. remember, we are talking about people -- >> who have a lot of weight to lose. >> 50 pounds or more to lose and conservatively found an 16% increased risk for heart attack, stroke and death, even in young people. >> right. >> so, that's what the panel was looking at, dot benefits outweigh the risk. >> and the fda has to make an decision then, a determination. >> that's correct. >> they have to weigh this. is there any indication which way they will go? >> again, as you say the vote was split, actually eight voted against it and eight voted it should stay on the market. it's very difficult to pull a drug from the market once it's already been approved. >> okay. all right. >> so they will look at it. >> what are the other ones, what are the other ones, lorkis.
7:48 am
>> they are tongu twisters, three in the pipeline we heard about them months ago the first is called lorikaserin and they are going to be looking at again their safety and efficacy. qnexa, they already voted to reject it. lorcaserin, the panel will decide today and fda later. the last is called contrave. the decision for that will be made in december. >> obesity is an epidemic. >> right. >> gigantic problem in the country. if something like this is out there and actually going to address it, it really would be a big deal. >> well, listen, we know there is no quick fix or magic bullet. again, this is not for people who want to lose five or ten pounds but for the morbidly obese, whose lives are put at risk because of their obesity. again, you have to consider everything, surgery, medication, diet, exercise, all of those factors come into play. >> dr. jennifer ashton, as always, thank you very much.
7:49 am
>> you bet, harry. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] there's complete. and then there's most complete, like what you get from centrum ultra women's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d, which emerging science suggests supports breast health, and calcium for bone health. centrum ultra women's. [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. it's beneful incredibites. ever seen anything like it? cme neither. al dente pasta, it's just the way you like it-- with carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles.
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[ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful.
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7:52 am
you are about to meet an incredible family this morning. young mother driving along with four kids, one is two and a half, 18 month-old triplets pulls over. you see the beautiful family there. the trooper you see with her on the couch helped pull out four out to safety before the van went up in flames saving their lives. we'll get their story on "the early show." [ female announcer ] your precious eyes.
7:53 am
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welcome back to "the early
8:00 am
show," greated avice on the signs stay focused, don't text and drive. excellent advice. just ahead a north carolina state trooper hailed as a hero this morning. it is no question why. he saved these four kids you see right there, pulling them out of that minivan, just seconds before it exploded in flames. he said not even a minute passed from the time they got all the kids out. he's in the studio this morning ulg with the munchkins and their mom sharing their story with us exclusively. >> and holding kids on your lap is not part of the official state patrol of north carolina trainee -- >> he look vs. comfortable. >> yes, doing a good job, really good. doctors are in, once again this morning. the doctors were here yesterday from the show "the doctors" right, the four specialists from the emmy-award winning daytime show will be here to answer some
8:01 am
of your tough medical questions. we that, as well. >> first, jeff glor has a look at the day's headlines. good morning again. >> good morning to you and everyone. pope benedict in scotland this morning, first state visit by a pope to the uk. this morning he took part in a parade through edinburg. earlier queen elizabeth greeted him at her scottish cas kel. before arriving he admitted he had not acted quickly or decisively enough against priests who molested children. last year, illegal drug use was up 9%. the government reports the increase was fueled by a sharp increase in marijuana ecstasy and methamphetamine use. mayor want that use rose by 8%. almost 9% of the population say they used illegal drugs last year. an ohio woman indicted yesterday on charges she gave marijuana to her 2-year-old daughter. this is that disturbing video taken by the mother's cell phone in august.
8:02 am
someone else gave a copy to authorities. prosecutors say at one point the 21-year-old jessica gamble coached her daughter. >> don't blow on it. >> the child is cared for now by her aunt, who says she is doing fine. the mother remains behind bars facing 11 and a half years in prison. dallas police officers face charges in a brutal beating. an african-american suspect riding a motorcycle is caught on tape being struck by officers this month. so far, police say no racial motives have been found, however one policeman has been fired and five others suspended wochlt one is accused of moving the dashcam to hide the beating. with mid-term elections seven weeks ago a just released cbs news "new york times" poll finds president obama and congress have work to do. 51% disapprove of how the president is handling the economy. as far as congress goes, 55% of american voters say it is time to elect somebody new. in california, republican
8:03 am
gubernatorial candidate meg whitman has broken the record for personal spending on a campaign. the former ebay executive has spent $119 million of her own money in her bid to win the governor's office. she faces democrat jerry brown. amazing sight in redondo beach, california, dozenss of blue whales spotted close to shore yesterday and very close to some paddle boarders not seen here in 30 years. it is believed the colder water temperatures drove them there. katie couric with a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> good morning. she's the former ceo the wwe now ruffled her way to the political ring but does she have what it takes to become a u.s. senator? our special coverage of the connecticut senate race tonight only on the cbs evening news. now back to the "the early show." >> we know for a fact dave price has what it takes, back outside
8:04 am
with another check of the weather. >> i have to tell you i have a case of performance anxiety now. why in i walk up to this guy i'm like nice to meet you, where are you from, what do you do, blah, blah, blah, what did you do, just retired from. >> i retired from the national weather service a meteorologist in topeka, kansas. >> for 34 years. i'm going to step away and i don't want you to listen to what i'm about to say or comment or its accuracy or professionalism. >> do you a good job. >> actually, i'll stay here. correct me if i'm wrong. let's see what is happening across the country, shall we, everybody. looks like we are glancing at quite a big storm, that's igor right now continuing to spread now tropical storm-force winds, 275 miles from the storm's center and, of course, 70 miles out. you see hurricane-force winds. it slowed, timing now to hit bermuda, probably sometime sunday, maybe even into monday. and most models appear to give it a direct hit. in the meantime, the tough storms rolling through sections
8:05 am
of the central plains now beginning to push through the ohio valley. maybe into sections of western pennsylvania, northeast into new england. 24 hours after that. how did i do? >> perfect. excellent. >> you always make me feel good. that's a quick look at >> this weather report sponsored by mercedes-benz, experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. >> you are watching in tulsa,
8:06 am
oklahoma or the surrounding area, you probably know the todd family in new york city today. nice to see you. thanks for coming by. >> thank you. >> erica? >> thanks. just ahead a state trooper save as family with four small kids. these little guys you are looking at right here just before their van explodes. we are going to speak with them exclusively just ahead. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a universal gesture... ♪ a way of telling the world "you did it!"... without saying a word. introducing the mercedes-benz sls...amg. [ engine revs ] ♪ the best or nothing... that is what drives us. aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food.
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8:09 am
a north carolina state trooper a hero this morning, understandably, rescuing a mother and four children from their burning vehicle. last week jessica white depriest and her children were in a van riding to georgia when their van started to act up. thinking quickly she pulled to the side of the road. that's when trooper alan humphrey drove up. so good to have you with us this morning jessica and her kids trooper humphrey joining us
8:10 am
exclusively this morning. i can't even imagine what's going through your mind. we should point out this is tough for anybody to have four young kids 18 months old, a two and a half-year-old son, your husband fighting in iraq right now. you are driving home and all of a sudden what is happening, what did you notice in your car? >> my van wouldn't go over 20 miles an hour. >> you are on the highway, right. >> i'm on 95 so i knew i couldn't make it to georgia. so, i turned the van back around to go back to my mom's house in north carolina. and i believe it was lumberton. i pulled over in lumberton and i was on the phone with my mom telling my mom to come and get me because my van wasn't corking. and all of a sudden, my van just smoking. >> i can't even imagine how scary that must have been for you especially knowing you have these four kids in that van with you. when you saw trooper humphrey
8:11 am
pull up, were you thinking thank goods they, this is going to be all right? >> no. i was thinking more of, thank god, i'll be safe because of so many people on the highway, you know that, are dangerous people. >> in terms of drivers, you mean, or -- >> as far as, you know, people that would hurt you. >> yeah. so he pulled up and immediately when you pulled up what's the first you noticed about that van? >> well, i just noticed she was on the shoulder of the road and on the telephone, she looked pretty much distraught so i decided to pull up and check on her. she said her van was running a little hot and actual i asked if she had any passengers and she 7d she had these four small children with her. >> initially you said i'm all right, my mom is on the way. you didn't leave, though, why not? >> well, just the fact seeing she's a female with four small stranded, they are stranded, she said to me about an hour and i just didn't feel comfortable. it was the right thing to do to stay with her until somebody
8:12 am
could arrive to provide more assistance. >> thankfully were you there. not long after you arrived, talk to us about what happened and how you ultimately helped save this family. >> well, after five or six minutes later just sitting in my patrol vehicle observing her vehicle i just started to notice heat waves coming from the hood of the vehicle. so, i ran up to the front of the van and i noticed flames coming from the engine compartment so at that time i told her to immediately just start trying to get the children out of the van. and as we were trying to get the children out of the van, thankfully, a passing motorist stopped with a fire extinguisher trying to put the flames out so we could continue to do so. >> and you say probably wasn't even a minute in the time you got the kids out before you got the kids out of the van. >> really, took off fast. >> it is such a scary story to see these pictures. as we mentioned your husband is fighting in iraq. i think we may have him on the phone this morning. sir, are you with us? specialist depriest, can you
8:13 am
hear us in the studio in new york? a bit of a tough connection because obviously we are calling ir iraq. i know you had a chance to speak with him, i imagine a pretty emotional phone call with you, jessica. >> yes. he didn't realize how bad the fire was. he thought it was just a regular car fire. >> it was obviously a lot more than. >> the explosion was about the size of a big room. >> oh, my god. >> because they, after we got the children out, they -- officer humphrey put me and the chin in the back of his police car and the guy that pulled over with the white truck and officer humphrey, they started pulling all of our belongings out of the van, car seats, quad strollers. i had packed every single clothes that the babies owned because they didn't have many clothes and i was staying at my
8:14 am
mom's house for a month. so, i packed all of their clothes and they threw them, everything, out. and when the gas tank exploded, it took everything with it. >> just amazing. and the good news in all this, of course, you are here with us. you are safe and sound and we are glad you were able to speak to your husband in iraq, as well. thank you for being here and especially, sir, for everything you did. we'll be back with more. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. plus, children's advil® brings fever down faster than children's tylenol®. choose children's advil®. relief you can trust. requires a little magic from mom. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass. new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste. [ man ] ♪ today the world looks mighty fine ♪
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[ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just start ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪ ♪ stretch and yawn ♪ blow a kiss to mom ♪ cause pop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ ♪ so, rise and shiiiiine
8:16 am
the doctors make a house call offering all kinds of medical advice every weekday on their emmy-award winning show and also in their new book "five-minutes health fixes" this morning doctor travis stork, lisa masterson, dr. drew or dan and dr. jim sears are all ready to answer some health questions.
8:17 am
good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> this is good. we've got questions from all over the place, our website, people on the street, who knows what. our first question comes from a young woman named beth. so let's hear beth's question. >> hi. i'm beth and -- i've herd conflicting advice what sort of vitamins and supplement as toddler should have. i'm curious to hear your advice what sort of vitamins they should be taking at this age. >> sounds like a question for a pediatrician. >> right. good thing we have one here. >> you guys are all very adept. >> yeah. yeah. >> doctors -- >> you know, what i'm not a huge fan of vitamins. i'd rather kids get what they need from fruits and vegetables and eating fish. but, if your child is a really picky eater and will do a multi-vitamin maybe pick one without artificial sweeteners or dyes, food coloring. there is a lot of good kid vitamins sweetened with fruit
8:18 am
juice and things like that, better for you. >> make sure you, one of those do your homework deals before you go out. >> there healthy eating is the first key. >> that's a great message for adults, too. get your vitamins through your fruits and vegetables not a pill. >> i couldn't agree more. honestly, they do those tests on those pills all the time and a lot of times they don't work. >> you know fruits work. >> so much vitamins, you don't use, you just -- >> pee out. i can say that, right. >> you guys are -- there is kind of a rawness to you. not like at home. this is a question for dr. travis, all right. let's take a listen. >> hi. i live in seattle. out there, we do not get a lot of sunlight. i'm wondering how much that affects my mood and what i can do about it? >> hmm. >> did you see how sunny it was? >> yeah, right. >> ironic. >> also the seasonal blues,
8:19 am
seasonal effective disorder. >> which is common now. >> true depression. but people get the winter blues because it is a real phenomena. there are a lot of things you can do, light therapy proven to work for folks who get the blues. >> light boxes on your desk. >> it replicates the sunlight. i will say doing the things we're less inclined to do in the winters, get out, continue to exercise, even if it's a bit cold and gray out, you are still going to get sunthe seasonal blues one of those things we live through it a bit. if you are really struggle, you should go see a doctor, though. >> this question is from you, from our facebook page, all right? >> okay. >> take a listen to this. i'm -- i'm not me, but the person writing in, jamie, is five months pregnant and putting on too much weight. i do not eat a lot and do not indulge in snacking on junk food. is losing weight during pregnancy possible and/or safe? that's a really good question. >> that's a great question.
8:20 am
i'm glad to hear that it's not you pregnant. you really don't want to diet in pregnancy ever. women who are overweight may actually lose weight during pregnancy, you only want to gain about a half pound to a pound a week only eating 300 more calories, not eating for two or you will become two people, don't want to do that. under a doctor's supervision, how much weight is really determined by what you start at. if you are obese, you know, or overweight, you may not gain as much weight but average weight over the entire pregnancy 25 to 35, that brack breaks down about a half pound to a sflund should be your goal. >> it should be. some women if they are overweight will lose weight which is being okay but never diet or restrict calories. >> here we go. we have a question for dr. drew, take a listen. >> hi, my name is tammy. i have a question regards to botox, how could that treatment affect you internally? >> interesting. because can it seep through or
8:21 am
whatever -- >> we've been doing -- looks like it worked on her. she looks pretty good. we've been doing botox now 15 years and know the long-term affects pretty much, it doesn't really disseminate in the body. there is a maximum dose you would want but the number of units is so high, it's not going to happen. it is safe, has been around long enough, i think we know the longer-term a -- >> you would have a better idea if there were serious repercussions. >> yeah, we would have seen them by now. >> for all of you, again from our facebook page, how can you sprent dandruff? no matter the shampoos i try it keeps reappearing from milton bonilla. >> what are you looking at me for? sort of the plastic surgeon, i also do some of the skin problems. dandruff can be tough. we need to know if the person has seen a dermatologist and tried the prescription-strength because it is almost like a dermatitis kind of thing.
8:22 am
they need to try much stronger shampoos, actually with tars and anti -- >> what kind of doctor, if it persisted -- >> a dermatologist takes care of. >> you might have the wrong diagnosis, it might be exma of the scalp. >> soo, not so simple, is it? >> that's why we need all four. >> by the way all of the answers to all of your questions -- on everything -- [ laughter ] >> are in the book. doctors, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> erica? harry, thanks. just ahead a dream wedding ruined because the wedding planner allegedly ran off with the cash. how does this happen? we'll sxe exclusively with the understandably not-so-happy couple for their full story and also susan cope pen
8:23 am
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8:30 am
>> we like thursdays a lot. welcome back to "the early show." coming up triple threat ben of a flack is with us. >> director, co-writer star of the new movie "the town" about a group of bank robbers so he had to do a lot of bank robbery research. he'll tell us all about it. >> also ahead this morning, do not let this couple's worst nightmare happen you to, tine na and nate herd, beautiful couple, about to get married and pay their wedding planner $30,000. >> oh, my lord. >> authorities say she ran off with that money. they will tell us about their big day gone bad in an exclusive interview and find out how they got to the venue. >> they showed up? >> she show up. all of a sudden someone at the resort says, we have a little prob. they are waiting on 200 people for the wedding. >> not good. >> the big brother finale last night, how awesome is this.
8:31 am
you know who won? >> -- i have to confess, i didn't see. >> "the animal" "the animal" won last night. >> a lot of people were pulling for "the animal." >> worth half a million dollars to hayden moss and julie chen will talk to him about that. >> i don't think he got the peta vote. >> good point. >> first dave with another check of the weather. >> i'm over here. i'm over here, guys. nice to see you on this fine morning, what a gorgeous start to the day. i want to tell you something very important. now, you know, we talk about a lot in the headlines but very quickly, very is simply, do not ever text and drive, the national spokesman is with us for this remarkable, interesting events you are doing, tell us about it. >> we fine that if you look away from the road for just two seconds, it doubles your chance of being in a crash. we are asking tomorrow on two-second turn-off day take the two seconds before you start the car to shut off your phone. >> oprah asked us to do it, we've talked about it.
8:32 am
you've seen the awful headlines two seconds goes by like that and it's as quick as that something awful can happen. thank you so much. good luck september 17th. let's go to the maps and see what is happening across the country, shall we? looks like we are going to see some strong storms roll through the ohio valley, all of that causing some tornadic activity yesterday in parts of the country. now, it looks like it is going to continue to lose a little bit of strength as it moves eastward but still will pack a punch, heavy rains and strong thunderstorms, windy conditions. then over the next 24 hours it moves toward the east into the northeast and a little sluggish as it pushes into new england and to the atlantic. northwest, a couple of showers and orlando to miami will see afternoon thundershower activity. that's how it goes this time of year. that's a quick look
8:33 am
>> that's a quick look at your weather picture, erica, we'll send it to you. thanks for coming by today, folks. >> dave, thanks. turning to what could be the ultimate wedding nightmare. couple from phoenix hires a wedding planner to book a dream wedding last weekend at a beautiful utah ski resort. they will not be there and need somebody on the ground to take care of details, right? when they arrive they find disaster, turns out nothing had been paid to because the westd planner allegedly ran off with $30,000. she's been arrested. tina and nate herd join us along with our correspondent susan koeppen. first, congratulations, mr. and
8:34 am
mrs. herd. >> thank you. >> what a whirledwind for you. you get engaged obviously totally excited live in phoenix and decide to have the wedding in utah and thing we need a wedding planner. >> yes. >> how did you go about finding this person. >> we found her off the internet. >> you did, really, sounds like everything you are supposed to do, checked her references. >> yes. >> and the references said? >> wonderful things about her like -- like she does a great job, she's always on time. >> we had a perfect wedding. we had no problems. we highly recommend her. >> you met with her and get a pretty good feeling. you actually develop a pretty close relationship, right. >> yes, we did. >> were there christmas gifts exchanged? >> christmas gifts exchanged she was in our home. >> went to her house and met her family and kids. >> ever throughout the whole process did you think anything was suspect. >> no. no. no. >> towards the end when she changed, yes, but it was -- the more we tried to do, the worse it got and the harder it was so we kind of had to stick it out
8:35 am
and -- >> what do you mean the -- you gave her money upfronts and you paid that with a check, right? >> correct. >> drew: give her cash up front. ultimately at the end you forked over $30,000. >> yes. >> you get to this resort wednesday, so excited your wedding is coming up, the day you dreamed of. >> uh-huh. >> she actually met you at the resort. >> she did. she gave us presents, she saw my dress. she saw our vows. >> she came in, like she was our best friend, lying everything was moving forward and she was happy and couldn't wait for the wedding and -- >> so then, what happened? >> she left and we actually went to get something to eat and tine na's phone rang. it was the vice president of the canyons and he says i'm here with our wedding coordinator and with our attorney. we have a big problem with your coordinator and it's going to affect your wedding. can you come back? so, we got the instant wrench in our stomach, turn around and drove back. we walked in. they sat us down and he looked
8:36 am
at her and he says, you've been scammed, as of right now nothing from your wedding has been paid for. the entire balance was paid with a stolen credit card. >> oh, my god. >> it was devastating. i was looking for a camera. really -- >> this is a bad joke, can't be happening. waiting on 200 family and friends. >> we had friends coming in the next morning from all over the country. >> this is a nightmare scenario probably still processing some of this. susan as you are sitting here listening to this it sounds like nate and tina did everything they are supposed to, checked references, a reputable place. how do you keep them happening? >> i'm not surprised by in story. the wedding industry is a $74 billion industry. so, there's a lot of money to be made and a lot of people who want to cash in on weddings. so, i'm not surprised by their story. they did a lot of the right things. you should always do your
8:37 am
homework, always check out people. ask for references. and if you can, try to use people that your friends have used, your family has used, people that you know that have a really good long history, really good reputation. and, also, try to get a contract in writing. so, everybody is very clear about the expectations. >> and when it comes to the money, because you are now out $30,000. the resort, they actually wormgd you with and said, look we'll give you your wedding at cost but cost you another $15,000, you are working on a payment plan for understandably because most of us don't have has that cash laying around. how do you keep yourself from losing $30,000, susan? >> if at all possible try to pay with everything with credit cards so that way if there is a scam or fraud you can dispute the charge with the credit card company and also try to make small deposits. don't give all of the money upfront. you need to make a deposit, of course but then as the services come in and you know things are guaranteed and you are checking on things, you can give more
8:38 am
money once you know the services are there and are going to be provided. >> what if, though, you do all of this and end up just like nate and tina and feel like, you know, your money is gone, do you have any recourse? >> you need to just go to the authorities, report it to law enforcement and also to the better bns bureau so there's a record of it. >> i hate you begin your new life this way but hope it is nothing but uphill from here. >> thank you. >> congratulations and thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> now here's harry. >> you know ben of a flack best an actor and won a screenwriting oscar with matt damon for "good will hunting" about 105 years ago and rave revees for his first ever director in "gone, baby gone" and brings all the talents together in a new crime thriller "the town". >> are we taking hostages now. >> no, we are not taking hostages now. >> the scenic route?
8:39 am
>> we've got a problem. >> what? >> look. >> so what? >> four blocks away from here. >> yeah. >> are you sure. >> taking it for a ride didn't help. >> we'll find out. >> what? >> if she's scared. >> she's already scared. >> maybe not skartd enough. >> he's good, he's good. >> yeah, jeremy is great, brilliant actor, lucky to have him, obviously "hurt locker" last year nominated for an oscar. >> how are you. >> i'm doing great. a lot of fun going around with this movie, a great cast i'm proud of and it is a good time. >> this area is around bunker hill. the movie is called "the town" you grew up, what a mile or two away? >> very close. >> you couldn't have been 2000 miles away. >> yes. i was not a bank robber, i wasn't even nearly as tough -- this area always had a reputation being a very tough
8:40 am
area. they had this code of silence for a long time, a period of years they had 49 murders and only 25% were solved. you know, there's a part of that where bank robbery got passed down like a trade. obviously, they are also very good people there. >> but when you went knocking on their doors and said we are going to come shoot in your neighborhood, what was their reaction to you? >> you know, i mean, actually people were kind of excited. people want to be in the movies although usually when you research a movie they want to credit or bring a sister by. everyone i talked to in charlestown in an interview said don't tell anyone you talked to me. >> this movie is really about this being an hotbed of serious criminals and you are one of a group of guys who goes around robbing banks. >> yeah. the specificity of kind of the story how about it is about working-class, brown bag lunch pail robbers dressed as cops and ambulance drivers, that to me made it interesting because, you know, you are not going to reinvent the genre. we've seen a lot about robbery stuff but want to do it in a new
8:41 am
and fresh way. >> i need to say this. you go and make a movie for your brother and direct it "gone, baby gone" but decided you are going to direct again and also star in a movie. was that a moment you looked at the dailys and said, who told this guy he should be here. >> is a weird thing, directing yourself and seeing yourself up there. i love my brother but he's the reason i'm getting gray hair, i think. >> just five -- >> maybe us working together. >> but, he's actually got a new movie that's great, coming out as well. >> the mantle of responsibility to act or write a screenplay or anything else, in charge of everything, whatever goes wrong there is no time down for you. >> but there's a comfort in that you take a broader sense in authorship and responsibility but i kind of like that, i felt as though, okay if it doesn't work it will not work on the merits of my own ideas and the inverse is true, as well. you know, i don't know, somehow that felt okay to me.
8:42 am
>> getting very nice response, very good buzz on it. do you pay attention to that at all? >> i do when it's good. i'm very happy that people like the movie and i hope people go see it, you know, tomorrow and, you know -- >> here's what's fun for me, just watching you in this whole arc, i said 105 years ago, you know, winning and oscar. >> thank you for that, by the way. >> well, time does march on. >> it does go by. >> what's interesting about to me about you, also, there was a moment in your life, i hope it's about this big in the rear-view mirror, the whole bennifer thing does that seem real you to. >> it is an interesting business, you go up and go down, all kinds of things, this culture of celebrity is odd but i don't spend much time thinking about what happened when barack obama was an illinois state senator. i'll happy with the movie and glad people like it and i kind of leave it at that. >> i read one of the pieces i read you said my life is boring now and i think that's the way you like it. >> it is. it is boring, maybe especially
8:43 am
to look at. to me it is still pretty interesting but from the outside not too much drama and i'm really lucky and keep that in mind every day. >> no drama. ben affleck, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. thank you very much. >> congratulations. erica. you might not find the perfect workout but there is the perfect time to work out so no more excuses, also perfect times for other daily routines determined, get this, by your body's internal clock. nicole bdland is here to show us how to get our internal clock in sync. what is it about, really if my body that lets me know when it is a good time to do various activities. >> you may not know. i'm sure you have heard of the sids dz circadium rit-nim or biorhythms. it growing research and they find chemical shifts and hormones affecting our mood, energy level, even hand-eye coordination. you may not know or feel it but
8:44 am
research has figured it out so you can plan accordingly. >> they have done the hard work, we just have to set our timerss and put it in our calendars. kick off the clock of the day. when the best time to have sex. >> very early in the morning, 7:00 a.m., something perhaps you might have noticed, very early in the morning test tots reason levels go up, testosterone oonz, the hormone most closely related to li bee do, if you can set the alarm a bit earlier and romantic at this hour you probably will get more aroused than other times of day. >> interesting. we've got from sex. how about a job interview so, important to so many people these days. is there a perfect time for that? >> the perfect time between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. in the morning you are growinggy because your body temperature is low, your circulation is not pumped up, not a lot of blood going to your brain and not alert but by 10:00 a.m. your brain is fired up burr your body
8:45 am
temperature has gone up and your circulation -- you are sharp and look better because whatever water retention made you puffy at the morning is govern away so you can be more confident. before 10:00 and 11:00 and the lunch cravings kick in for your interviewer, making them cranky. >> perfect. what about pain tolerance, schedule a dentist appointment or get a wax, what's the best time. >> this is so cool, doing something painful between 3:00 and 5:00 studies show our pain threshold goes up, they are not exactly sure why. if you need to go to the dentist, it won't hurt as much during that time. >> i love that, schedule childbirth between 3:00 and 5:00 -- we talk about finding time to work out. is there an ideal time for your body to work out? >> between 5:00 and 1kw67. studies show hand/eye coordination is best at this time and you have been moved around during the day, your muscles are warmed up and less likely to injury yourself and a boost of injury in mood between
8:46 am
5:00 and 7:00. >> your workday is done and you are ready to goimplsts you will go longer and build more calories. >> there is an emotional component. is there a specific time of day to break up with someone? >> when we are most optimistic, the dinner hour, we have a natural boost in mood. if you need to give someone bad news it is a great time of day because they won't take it as hard, they will be more optimistic about it. >> what about to be your most creative. >> peaks in the evening, between 8:00 and 9:00. it is really because during the day you are very boxed in with your thoughts, very much about the routine. but, towards this time of night you don't have as many distractions and can kind of let your mind open up and think out of the box, when ideas tend to come to us. >> when is the best time to shut the mind down and go to bed. >> and go to sleep? all around when you eat. if you eat between 7:00 and
8:47 am
8:00, the best time is between 11:00 and 12:00 because by jegs can interfere with your rest and can interfere with melatoni production and keep you awake. >> you wake up and start the day all over again at 7:00. >> with a kwikie. >> there you go. always great to have you you with us. thank you. harry? >> after a summer of lies and betrayal big brother came down to "the animal" and "the beast" and 24-year-old college student hayden moss is the animal who came out on top. he and the other finalists spoke to our julie chen moments after the jury vote was announced. >> and the winner of "big brother" is -- congratulations hayden. >> reporter: you won by one vote and it was enzo's vote, the guy that you just moments ago evicted. >> ironic, huh? >> how are you feeling right
8:48 am
now. >> incredible. i couldn't ask for more. $500,000. i have no clue where to start. i mean, i feel amazing. >> enzo, why did you vote for haydan over lane? >> it was tough, man. lane definitely made me laugh the most, a funny dude but at the end i think he did a lot to get me to the final three, hayden, i had to go with that. a lot more competition and i had to go by that fact. >> we have a couple of checks here. first i want to give to hayden, a clek for $500,000, see if you can fit this into your wallet. don't forget, you have to pay your taxes from this. and you made a little less money. >> a little bit. >> we have a little smaller check for you. $50,000. how are you going to spend the $50,000, lane? >> loans and probably put some money in my niece and nephew's account. i don't know. >> thanks, guys. congratulations to all of you to
8:49 am
making it this far and playing a great game. the first time a secret alliance has made it to the end. well done. >> very exciting. >> thank you. >> hayden. >> i appreciate it. for more of her interview with the final three go to our website,
8:50 am
8:51 am
that segment earlier in the hour with you and -- >> nicole. >> -- beland, she's so smart. >> yes. >> she talked about the right times to do different things. >> yes. >> the thing i found most interesting. >> yes, harry smith. >> the workout. >> the workout time. 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. >> i thought that was so interesting. you wouldn't think it would be later in the day. >> i thought it would be early in the morning.
8:52 am
>> charge you up and couldn't sleep. >> clearly she mentioned other things to charge you up. >> other things are perhaps suited to in early hours. >> right, providing you with some aerobic. >> and treadmill. >> absolutely. >> biking. >> going for a nice walk. >> all things -- >> moving to the television set to tune in -- >> get you charged up. >> i wonder if you get to move that back if you have a weird schedule like we do where we get up at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. >> what do you do when you fly coast to coast? >> i was wondering the same thing. we're going to investigate that. >> have a great day, everybody. >> think about that. >> your local news is next. think about the internet.
8:53 am
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